Jory Aronson

Jory Aronson offers wonderful, active music programs for young children. She specializes in Teacher Trainings, Classroom visits, Library Concert Programs and Early Childhood Music.

Jory is a Master Trainer through OCCD, and provides lively, useful, certified teacher trainings for Early Childhood Educators and Children’s Librarians.

Jory has produced 4 CD’s of her original songs. She can put together a concert based on almost any theme.

With an educational background in Early Childhood and years of teaching, Jory has the education, the experience, and the creativity to offer unique programs and trainings that provide a key to building children’s brains and development.

Today, young children are often in front of screens and this is leading to sensory deprivation.

Jory believes that children thrive when they’re using their senses. Music uses ALL the senses! Music also uses a different route in the brain than regular speech.

Jory’s Teacher Trainings, Concerts and Library Programs are available year-round.

Block Bookings are available, especially for areas requiring travel.

Contact Jory;    503 752-1624