Children’s Library Programs


Library Programs / Concerts

Shows for toddlers and shows for 3 to 8 year old.
Jory’s performances actively engage the children in her audience. Through music, stories, and skits, children are empowered to become puppeteers, musicians, and actors.

Growing, Sprouting & Blooming!

Spring is a time for growing plants, trees, animals, and children! Energy is in the air as the earth wakes up from Winter’s long nap. Join Jory as she celebrates the new growth through songs, skits, puppets, and more! From ‘The Grow Song’ to ‘The Jolly Frogs’, children will be actively engaged in the show as musicians, puppeteers, actors, and singers. For children 2 to 8 years old.

The Celebration Show; Books Alive!

Celebrate the magic of books coming to life through songs and skits. Jory invites her audience to BE the show! Using puppets, instruments, and props, we act-out tales, old and new. From a wild old-time barn dance (with dancing animals), to a clever hungry wolf; let the celebration begin!

Animal Music & Fun!    

An Active Children’s Concert for toddlers through 4 years old.

Jory’s musical celebration of the animals we all love, for little ones. Bring a favorite stuffed animal for action-packed fun. ‘Animals’ will dance, sing, and act-out stories with Jory.

Jory’s Winter Holiday Musical-Fun Concert!   

Jory brings songs, puppets, stories and skits to life (with lots of help from her audience)! Make a  ‘Holiday Cake’ (with magical ingredients from all winter holidays), see the Holiday Circus perform, discover what Meagan’s Uncle sent her from very far away, partake in the Jingle Bell Orchestra, and more. Share what you love about the Holidays (and Winter) in this active, participatory program for families with Jory Aronson.


Pet Show! Jory Aronson helps the animals take over as the audience becomes puppeteers, actors, dancers, and musicians in this whacky Summer Reading Variety Show. Come celebrate our bond with the (talented) animal world!


Participatory Children’s Concert for 2-through-6 years olds. An active concert for young children that includes songs and typical baby behavior that little ones love to mimic.  Bring a favorite ‘baby’ doll or ‘baby’ stuffed animal to Jory’s Babytown!

Doggy Tales & Puppy Tunes!

Jory’s show celebrates the bond between humans and their canine pals using dog puppets galore, lots of active music, and delightful skits (with the help of the audience). From ‘The Howling Song’ to ‘Jory’s Doggy School’, we’ll all have a hoooowling good time! Children are invited to bring their stuffed dogs (as in ‘toys’!).                                                                          For children 3 through 8 years old.

Winter Rhythms

From rain tapping on the roof, to the howl of the wind; Winter Rhythms are all around us. Explore the season of Winter through songs, stories, puppets…. and help Jory act out a Winter Tale or two. We’ll warm-up our imaginations together.
 For children 3 through 8 years old.

Jory’s Teddy Bear Concert

Come and celebrate the special bond between a person and their bear! Bring your bear along for a rollicking visit with Jory and her bear. The bears will play, sing, dance, act-out stories, and have a snuggly, delightful time! For children 2 through 6 years old or the toddler version.

                                       Library Concert Quotes                                        

 “….I particularly liked the way you managed to get so many kids involved in the songs. You made them all feel like stars…”    Steven Engelfried, Children’s Librarian


“I was as enthralled as any of the kids! I was a part of the performance just like the rest of the audience.”       Karen A Recher, Children’s Co-ordinator, MCL


“An adult observer told me she’d never seen such a wide range of ages so involved for so long.”       Marilyn Neumiller, Associate Director, NCRL


“I highly recommend her as a performer for your Summer Reading Program. She did very well for ours!”      Fran Bowden-Davis, Outreach Children’s Librarian, JCLS