Teacher Trainings With Jory

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Useful Trainings for Early Childhood Educators with Master Trainer/Music & Arts Specialist Jory Aronson

Certified Set One or Set Two Standard trainings (through OCCD), in the core knowledge category ‘Learning Environments & Curriculum’.

Trainings are from one to three hours long. They can be combined for longer trainings, and tailored to your needs. For instance, ‘Dinosaur World’ and ‘Learning Through play dough’ together creates a 3 hour training.

1. Using And Adapting Music To Strengthen Children’s Learning & Development 
Set Two Standards, 3 hours.

Music geared for preschoolers and adaptable for toddlers. Jory provides approaches and strategies for strengthening music in the classroom and other settings, as well as sharing a wealth of material and songs. She examines brain development and developmental areas strengthened through music, how songs are adapted for specific goals, and how curriculum can be connected to music. Participants bring a recording device or a recording app on their cell phone.

2. Strengthening Development Through Music & Movement
Set Two Standards, 3 hours.

Exploration of how brains are built and development enhanced through music & movement.
Preschool aged children, (some material can be geared for toddlers). Jory looks at why children need to use their bodies to build their brains and strengthen areas of development; and how beautifully music and movement can accomplish this. She demonstrates how to adapt her considerable amount of material to meet the needs of the children. Participants bring a recording device or recording app on their cell phones.

3. Dinosaur World
Set One Standards, 1-2 hours.

A look at why dramatic play is important for young children, and how to set up a Specialized Dramatic Play Environment, adding in music, art, and other curriculum. Children enrich their development in many ways; social skills, language, pre-reading, cognitive ability, gross motor, and more. We add in books at group time and books at the science table, to learn more about Dinosaurs. This training includes a scientific focus.

4. Animal Shelter
Set One Standards, 1-2 hours.

Examining how (and why), to set up a Specialized Dramatic Play Environment. This training looks at ‘adoption’, and focuses on inclusive socialization. It includes art, music, books, manipulatives, and much more, enriching all areas of children’s development.

5. Circus Time
Set One Standards, 1-2 hours.

This Specialized Dramatic Play Environment has a fine-and- gross motor skill focus, yet also includes all areas of children’s development. Activities for rainy winter days or sunny and outside play.

*Note; I can do a training that combines two of the three ‘Specialized Dramatic Play Environments.’

6. Learning Through Play Dough
Set One Standards, 1 hour, (ideal to combine with one of the Specialized Dramatic Play trainings).

Using play dough in ‘out of the box’ ways, to foster creativity, socialization, motor skills, and to support curriculum. Jory presents a multitude of creative, unusual, and fun ideas.


Available for Children’s Librarians;

Simple Action Songs for Children’s Librarians.
Gain new material, useful for reading programs of all kinds. From simple ‘shake-out-the energy’ songs, to focusing on listening and following-directions, to songs that support themes.

Connecting Books To Music!
There are many books that make wonderful ‘instant plays’. They can be done with children sitting in their place, or inviting some to come up on ‘stage’. With simple props, this is a winner!

Jory gives you hand-outs to copy. For the music trainings, participants are invited to bring recording devices or use cell phone recording apps, so they can take the songs home.

Jory Aronson
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