Art of Preschool Presents;

Jory Sings – Active Music Children Love!

Jory Aronson offers wonderful, active music programs for young children. She specializes in Library Concert Programs. Puppets, instruments, skits, and songs are all incorporated, with the children participating in the shows.

Jory has produced 4 CD’s of her original songs. She can put together a concert based on almost any theme, (see below for examples of programs).

With a background in Early Childhood, and years of experience, Jory knows children. She is a performer and an educator.

Today, young children are often in front of screens.

Jory believes that children thrive when they’re using their senses. Music uses ALL the senses, (Howard Gardner). Connecting music to books, or any topic, is a powerful experience!

Jory’s Library Programs are available year-round.

Block Bookings are available, especially for areas requiring travel.

Contact Jory;

503 752-1624

About Jory Sings

From leading trainings for Head Start, BER, PRO, (and many more), around the country, to providing children's concerts and school music visits around the Northwest, Jory has the experience and ability to make a difference. Now, more than ever, children need to use their senses to build their brains and strengthen their development; music is the powerful key to help promote this!
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